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Hang Up, Call Back, Save Money

You are busy getting your restaurant ready for the holiday rush. Your church is preparing for the always larger than expected crowds.  Your entire family is heading to your house for the celebration, then the phone rings…

The voice on the other end speaks with authority,  claims to be a rep of a local utility company, and the utility name is on your caller ID. The rep mentions that your electric bill hasn’t been paid in three months, and the shut off notice has been issued for that day. You are doing the math,  seatings for 200 tomorrow, your sister in law has always doubted you, the Bishop is supposed to attend, and I won’t have the lights on? Not good, what do I need to do NOW to stop this???

The voice on the other end of the phone offers a simple solution, run to the local grocery store and purchase a Visa or Mastercard gift card, and call him back at his desk. And if you do this, not only has your money vanashed, he will call back an hour later and let you know he miscalculated your invoice, you still owe another $500.00!


Because it is nothing but a scam. Utility companies send late notices when you are late. They use hot pink envelopes or other tactics to get your attention. They will post a shut-off notice on your front door before they disconnect your utilities. But based on my research, not one utility will call you, and ask you to get a gift card to pay off your delinquent balance. 

What you should do to cover yourself and make sure the bookkeeper paid the invoice, find your utility’s customer service number on your invoice, call them directly to verify your balance. Don’t get the gift card! 

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