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Residential Services

Please share your thoughts with us at, and help us, as we try and change the residential green energy supply purchasing mindset.

It starts with you! Grab your electric and natural gas utility invoices and send us a copy. We will treat your home energy spend like one of our commercial customers, shopping your unique usage profile to our suppliers. When we get back to you with pricing options, we will include pricing options that include renewable energy for your home electricity and carbon offsets for your natural gas account. And yes, non-renewable prices too.

Three things to do before you send us your invoices:
1) Locate your most recent electricity and natural gas bill. Some residential users only have an electric bill.

2) Verify that you are currently not under contract with another supplier, we don’t want you paying an early termination fee! Look at your current energy invoice, under the energy supply portion of the invoice. If the supplier name is something other than your local utility, you are probably under contract. Find out when the contract expires, and share that information with us. We want you to honor your current contracts, but we might still have a solution for you consider. Of course, it would start when your current contract ends.

3) Take a deep breath, and realize that by buying renewable energy for your home, not only are you helping clean the air we breathe, but you are setting an example for the community at large.

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