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Renewable Power Options

There is a perception in the marketplace that working towards a more sustainable (green) business operation will add significantly to operating expenses. Though some choices are more expensive than others, being green doesn’t require a major investment. With Electric Advisors renewable/sustainable product offerings, choosing 100% National Wind energy has become significantly less expensive, making the decision to buy renewable power an easier choice. Depending on the size and scope of your business operations, there are sustainable choices that would potentially pay you. Imagine your energy choices bringing income back to your bottom line. New products hit the market on a regular basis, we will help you make the right choice.

According to one study, 81% percent of consumers say they will make personal sacrifices to address social, environmental issues.  Read More Here

Think of ways to engage your B-B or B-C clients with your sustainability investment, or ask your best clients how important that commitment is to them. A 100% renewable might just be worth the effort, turning your energy spend into an operating asset as part of our marketing/pr efforts.