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Cheaper Electricity Supply Rates For Small Business

Pepco MD Commercial Rates Are Expensive

Fall Electricity Savings for Pepco Maryland’s Small Business Rate Payers!

Att Small Business Pepco Rate Payers!

Have you shopped your electricity supply rate? You should. Particularly if you not under contract today, or if your contract expires in the next few months. Electricity supply rates in the Pepco MD market area, are significantly lower from what  Pepco is charging for the same thing.

Look on your Pepco bill, if your rate class is GS, we have lower supply rates that will put money back in your pocket. How much lower?  At a minimum, try 11% percent lower, as I write this post. See Pepco’s current rate here.

Significant savings are possible for other commercial rate classes as well. All it takes is a copy of your most recent Pepco invoice to find out if you can get cheaper electricity supply rates for your business!

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