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Cheaper Electricity Supply Rates For Small Business

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Cheap Electricity Supply Rates for Pepco MD Small Business Accounts!

Have you shopped for cheap electricity supply rates lately? You should. You should consider it, whether you are under contract today or not. Electricity supply rates in the Pepco MD market area, are significantly lower from what the pricing was a year ago.

Look at your recent Pepco utility invoice or your energy supply contract, typically the last page of the Pepco invoice displays your electricity supply rate.  I know, Pepco doesn’t make it easy to determine what you are paying for electricity supply.

Come to think of it, some of the suppliers invoices can be purposefully misleading as well. If you want, we will walk you through the detail quickly. Reach out to us today! Phone, fax, e-mail, or we will come meet you at your location.

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