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Wind Power Self Enrollment Portal

Residential Wind Power is just a Click Away

100% wind power from Electric Advisors and WGL Energy! EA and WGL have teamed up to bring you competitive 100% renewable wind power residential electricity supply. And the enrollment process couldn’t be simpler…

Click Here To Sign Up Now!

Three things to do before you sign up:

1) Locate your most recent electricity and natural gas bill. Some residential users only have an electric bill.

2) Verify that you are currently not under contract with another supplier, we don’t want you paying an early termination fee! Look at your current energy invoice, under the energy supply portion of the invoice. If the supplier name is something other than your local utility, you are probably under contract. Find out when the contract expires, and come back to this page about 25 days before that date. Make sure you tell your current supplier you don’t want to renew!

3) Take a deep breath, and realize that as you click through and sign up for renewable, you are helping to clean our air!

Click Here To Sign Up Now!

 Three things to do after you sign up:

1) Set up a calendar meeting request with yourself for either 11 months (1 year contract) or 23 months (2 year contract) to make sure you don’t miss your contract renewal date.

2) Take another deep breath, and thank yourself! One step closer to cleaner air.

3) Send this page to a few friends, because the more that switch to renewable power, the cleaner the air will be!

Are you looking for renewable for your business?  Interested in shopping for your commercial natural gas supply? Electric Advisors has relationships with over 20 different suppliers, from regional players, to world wide suppliers.  Reach out to us and talk to one of our energy supply procurement specialists, professionals top to bottom.

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